This company is the best moving company that Ive had the pleasure to hire in a long time. Both my sister and I required movers to transport furniture, and while she hired another moving company, I chose to go with this extremely helpful and cooperative business. To start things off, their customer service was amazing. I needed a truck on a very short notice, and Charlotte was a big help in faxing information to my landlord, scheduling, and accommodating for my very late notice.
Once the scheduling was done, a truck soon arrived, ready to do the job. The movers, Vlad and Andrei, were very polite and punctual. They were quick in loading up the furniture and moving it over to my new location, making sure that none of it got damaged during the journey. Furthermore, they kept up constant communication with me during the entire process, making sure that i was up-to-date on all the events that were happening. I cannot thank them enough, and can’t help but compare them to my sister’s moving company. While her’s was average and unsatisfactory, these guys were not only efficient, but also polite and accommodating. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family. Again, thank you so very much!